Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Children's Canal Books in England (Part 9 ) Books from the 1970's.

Established author Noel Streatfeild published this story of orphans & canal boat life in 1970. It was adapted for children's TV by ATV in 1972.

By Canadian author A J Grainger. Published 1971.

Mary Cockett who was best known for her historical fiction stories for children had already published one canal story for kids in 1962. An acclaimed and well established author, Boat Girl  came out in 1972.

Blackie's the childrens book publisher had published some of the first children's canal books soon after their establishment in 1890 and were still in existence and published Pat Barton's book in 1974. They finished publishing in 1990.

Another Blackie publication from 1975.

Boat owner and canal enthusiast Jill Paton Walsh had first discovered the canals when there was still some trade about in the early 1960's. The Butty Boy appeared in 1975. 

The Huffler also appeared in 1975 and was first published in the US.

Unusually this book (1976) first appeared as a TV serial of the same name and was filmed in and around Braunston.

Published 1977.
Also from 1977 for younger readers.

Carol Jones book published in 1979 is set on the waterways around Chester & the Welsh Canal.

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